Anonymous Likes Every Tweet

Enter a tweet message ID below and @anonylike will fave^Wlike it.


This is a service that allows you to show somebody that you "liked" their tweet, without having to reveal who you are. You can either use this page, or directly POST a msg= value to

This was very haphazardly slapped together by @jschauma after seeing this tweet. There's more work to be done, since an account can only "like" a tweet once. I'll think about how else to express likes, possibly by quoting a tweet in some form. Check back later.


Anonymous speech is important. I already have a tool that allows you to anonymously tweet a self-destructing message, so why not also allow people to "like" a message?


This is, as you can tell, rather, uhm, low-frills. Simple.

There's this HTML page and a perl CGI. The perl CGI effectively just feeds the message ID to my tweet(1) command-line client.

There's a virtual host on my regular web server with its own certificate (so SNI is required), and a custom log format (IP addresses and client identification is never logged), and that's about it.

If you find a problem with anything, please let me know.

Made by @jschauma. See other Signs of Triviality.